Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Khairul Fahmi and Dahlia Teck...what's the fuss?

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I think I like Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.  Who the heck is he?? If you guys seems to be living under the ancient rock recently, you probably have no clue whatsoever, right?  He's the hawt Malaysian goalkeeper lah...Gosh! I really don't know why he got a hold of my heart ( funny ^^), but I have a tendency to be melted by those expression-less, serious-looking Asian looks (read: Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese..even Nepalese??)

One of the major headlines (apart from Datin Rosmah's RM7.20 ring) is the sudden breakup between him and Aimie Harmelia.  I'm not here to judge the rights and the wrongs.  For me, what happens between them is for them to know, and for them to solve.  There must be a good explanation for all these but there are rumors saying that a third person was involved...introducing...

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Dahlia Teck

I really can't judge someone by its' look.  He/she might be a snob by appearance but actually a sweetheart and vice versa.  And for this case, I'm not gonna comment anything.  I'm here to express my admiration towards Khairul Fahmi and how he swoon me off my feet (! ^^)

Just yesterday (1st August 2011), a local tabloid paper published an article regarding him and the fiance.

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**I wonder, he is a public figure, and she is well-known because of him, yet she felt like she can rant anything without her knowing people will read these?? Hmm...**

Anyways, back to 'I-think-I-like-Khairul-Fahmi' topic.  He might not be as good looking as KIM HYUN JOONG (OMG! OMG! He's coming to!), but...I don't care, I like him! Especially in this picture....

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And, he looks a lot like KEN WATANABE (solely my opinion..okay ^^)

~Ken Watanabe~
born: 21st October 1959 (another OCTOBER BABY!! Woohoo!)

Alright, I'm done with my swoons...peace ^_^Y

Much love,


LiSaSuKe's said...

hurmmm... love to read this entry, but i think i don't like fahmi even though i fond of korean/chinese/japanese looking men... wooohooo~

Noni Safuani said...

yeah..I don't know why I like him..maybe brain malfunction or something..hehe..

kerryna said...

"He's the hawt Malaysian goalkeeper lah..."

I thought Malaysia has new goalkeeper when u said that. I know him not because he's hawt or what so ever, I recognize him because of his recent break up with his fiance. Huhu he sure can make a hawt cover story with his hawt scandal. haha.

Noni Safuani said...

kerryna~that is so true..he's still hawt though.. ^^ and yeah, the scandal can't be hawter than that..LOL..